MLFAS – Wedding of The Century MV

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My Love From Another Star (continuum)

Are you ready to witness their wedding?  DMJ and CSY cordially invite you to join in on the sweetest day of their life…their Wedding Day.  Please come and join them as we walk back to the deeply moving moments that they shared with one another, leading up to this very day.  Don’t forget to watch till the very end…where you get more than just the wedding but the honeymoon bedroom, the prego stage and the little someone they created together.  HAHAHA….at least, it’s nice to think about it and this MV is a great imagination booster for us all, LOVE IT!  And I hope you enjoy it as well.  I seriously love the beginning with the photos on the tree, sooooo creative! A clap and shout out to the maker 😉

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